Hands-Free Baby Bottle - Self Feeding System 9 oz (2 Pack - Dinosaur)

Hands-free Baby Bottle

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Hands-Free Baby Bottle - introduces a baby bottle system that allows parents to feed babies 3 months+ in an upright position instead of a horizontal position as recommended by pediatricians. 

 Why Parents use our bottles:

✔Our Hand-less bottle system is great for traveling, parents with multiple babies and situations where you just need an extra hand! 


✔Our aim is to make parenting a little bit easier. Our bottles are designed in a shape to be bottom heavy helping the bottle balance better in an upright position. We take pride in Parents feeling safe knowing our Hands-Free Baby Bottles are developed, researched, and manufactured to exceed all government safety regulations and standards. 

 ✔Our products are made with safe materials BPA-free, Phthalates-Free, Lead-Free materials. Our Food grade silicone tubing is the thickest and strongest on the market amongst Hands-Free bottles. 

 Trouble with provided Nipple:

✔The neck of our bottles are a universal standard size making the bottles compatible with any standard baby bottle nipple on the market. If your baby prefers a different brand, style or flow nipple it is ok to replace our Hands-Free Baby Bottle fast flow nipple with a different one of your choice. Our bottles will not fit wide neck nipples. 

 Problem with Setup or Leaking:

✔It is normal to need 2 or 3 tries with a Hands-Free bottle before your baby gets use to drinking from it. Our bottle is easy to set up following the provided instructions. During setup, make sure all parts are very tight including our adapter behind the nipple and connect parts all the way onto the tubing to prevent potential leaking or air getting into the system. The bottle is best used in an upright position to prevent any potential leaks. 

 Priming the system to avoid Air:

✔Once setup, you can prime the nipple avoiding any air in the system. To prime the nipple, turn the nipple upside down pitching it with a clean hand eliminating the air in the tubing until milk has reached the nipple then give it to your baby for a continuous flow of milk. The milk is controlled by the babies suction on the nipple, when suction stops the milk flow will stop. 

 What is included:

✔Each bottle is 9 ounces (266 ml) with marks on each bottle for easy filling. Each box contains 2 bottles and all the necessary parts to become a Hands-Free Baby Bottle system.


Manufactured by: Bamla LLC

Brand: Hands-Free Baby Bottle